wl001 - v/a: "red: a [walnut + locust] compilation" (CD)
released: january 20th 2004

12 bands, 12 unreleased & exclusive tracks featuring: Pine Tree State Mind Control (Newport, USA), Letum (Lindesberg, Sweden), HIV+ (Marseille, France), Alexandre St-Onge (Montreal, Canada), Maggot Breeder (Montreal, Canada), Muckrackers featuring Shizuka (Metz, France), Black Sun (Glasgow, Scotland), .cut featuring Gibet (Lyon/Gap, France), Sklarska Poreba (Berlin, Germany - Clermont Ferrand/St Etienne, France), Earskin (Montreal, Canada), We Are Gentlemen (Lyon, France), Mr.Malinou (Marseille, France)


wl002 - Zbigniew Karkowski: "Intensifier" (CD)
released: september 7th 2004

Zbigniew Karkowski is a polish-swedish composer/musician presently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He has worked professionaly in the areas of written contemporary music, industrial music, pop music and experimental performance for the last 11 years with artists like Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow, Pita... his work has been performed throughout Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan. He is active in the underground noise scene in Japan.


wl005 - v/a: "CrO2: a tribute to analog"
released: july 18th 2006

Exclusive & unreleased tracks by: Chris Carter (UK), Aube (Japan), Ulan Bator (Italy), Molasses (Canada), Maggot Breeder (Canada), Alexandre Pax (France), Empusae & Agathokless (Belgium), We Are Gentlemen (France), Pine Tree State Mind Control (USA), .cut featuring Gibet (France), Terminal Sound System (Australia), Kasper T Toeplitz (France).

wl006 - Merzbow: "Live In Geneva" (CD)
released: december 13th 2005

Merzbow was created in Tokyo in 1979. His creator, Masami Akita is the godfather of noise as a genre and it is impossible to argue with his title. Merzbow's discography is about 300 seperate releases & collaborations and Masami reinvents himself on each new release.


wl007 - v/a: "dent de lyon" (MP3)
released: january 3rd 2006

Our first virtual release: a panorama of the Lyon underground available as a free compilation. 17 bands, 18 free exclusive tracks, featuring: Blackula, Brain Leisure, CeasE, .cut featuring Gibet, DEnTs, Ferry.Estreich, Frz, Imagho, N-Com.User, Omnicore, PicorE, Tada, TAT, Secret Name, We Are Gentlemen, Wired Brain.


wl008 - .cut featuring Gibet: "Phlippe F Remixes" (MP3)
released: april 25th 2006

Our second virtual release: 17 exclusive remixes from all around the world available as a free dowload double album. Featuring: Blackula (France), Botchan Karisen (France), Brain Leisure (France), .cut (France), D'Four Me (Chile), Dolls Of Pain (France), e.Mission (France), Ex_Tension (France), Half A Moment (Morocco), Hieronymous (Japan), JeFF (France), Mortal Manifest (Israel), Pine Tree State Mind Control (USA), Reversibilidad (Chile), Strigoï (France), Tada (France), The Vomit Arsonist (France).



to be released:

wl004 - Maggot Breeder: "Myiasis"
due: september 2006

Maggot Breeder is the long term ongoing musical project of Reuel Ordonez, filipino by birth and now residing in Montreal, Quebec. Using the guitar as the primary sound source, Maggot Breeder creates a dark yet oddly serene soundscape which invokes images of war, conflict, pain, despair and suffering.


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